About The Course

Do you have an amazing business idea that you think will turn into a profitable business? Or maybe you've turned some of these amazing ideas into actual businesses, only to realize that no one wants?

Validate Your Business Idea In 1 Week is a free course, delivered by email, that teaches you how to test your business idea quickly, cheaply, and easily, so that you don't waste time and money creating something that no one or only a few will pay for.

This course features the exact strategies that I use to validate each of my ideas.

The course is specifically geared for those who have a business idea but unsure if it is the right one for them.


Lesson 1

What Does It Mean To Validate Your Business Idea

Understanding what validation means, and how to choose your business idea wisely.

Lesson 2

Getting Feedback From Target Audience

How to get feedback so that you can create the product or business that people will pay for.

Lesson 3

Pre-Selling: Creating A Landing Page

How to get your landing page up and running under 30 minutes and start accepting payment for pre-selling.

Lesson 4

Evaluating The Outcome

Time to evaluate if your business idea might succeed or not.

Chrys Tan

About The Person Behind This Course

Chrys Tan     @thisischrystan

I'm Chrys Tan, and over the past few years I've been using online marketing to grow Chrys Media. When I launched my first business, I did not know enough about validating a business idea before diving head in. That business failed but the lessons I've learned remain.

With these 4 lessons I've prepared for you, you'll learn the exact strategies that I now use to validate each of my business ideas - whether it is a new online course, a new e-book... basically any new launch.